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Body Shaping Equipment (Cavitation, RF System)
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Body Shaping Equipment (Cavitation, RF System)

Our body shaping equipment is used in many applications, including
1. Soften hard fat tissue and break up lipocyte
2. Remove wrinkles, tighten skin
3. Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal
4. Body shaping

1. Tripolar RF + high energy ultrasonic cavitations technology
2. Comfortable treatment, reverse aging naturally.
3. Weight loss and body shaping come true together.

Main Technical Parameters of Body Shaping Equipment
1. Ultracavitation
Frequency : 40KHz
Energy density : 0~5W/cm2
Output energy : 100W
Size of headpiece: 50mm
2. RF
Range of radio frequency: 0.25MHz-10MHz
Output energy of the maximal peak value: ≤ 450J/cm2 (T=1S)
Input power: ≤500W
Spot size: 10 × 20 mm2, Φ 80 mm2
3. Main machine
Display screen: 5.7 inch color touch screen
Power supply: 220V±10%   60HZ 10A
Weight: 20kg

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