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RF Micro-needle Therapy System (HF-M02)

1. No trauma. The RF micro-needle therapy system tightens skins without invasion.
2. High safty. With multi RF heating tips going into epidermis and dermis, the energy is more concentrated, deeper, and even.
3. Long-term and comprehensive skin lifting.
4. This equipment can provide you a significant tight skin with one single treatment.
5. This system brings less pain, shorter recovery time, and non side effect.

Treatment Range
1. The RF micro-needle therapy system can work for skin tightening, face lifting, pores shrinking, and skin texture improving.
2. This beauty equipment can remove acnes and pockmarks.
3. This machine can remove wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, fish tail lines, laugh wrinkles, wrinkles under eyes, and neck lines.
4. It can also whiten and brighten skins with uneven surface, pigments, dullness, superficial melasma and so on.

Technical Parameters
RF frequency: 1MHz
RF power: 200W
Treatment probes: 4*4Pin / 6*6Pin / 8*8Pin
Treatment Probes' lifetime:900 shoots
Control mode: 10.4"color touch screen
Power input: 300W
Power supply: AC110V/3A/60Hz or AC220V/1.5A/50Hz

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