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Cavitation system (HF-902)
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Cavitation system (HF-902)

Features of Cavitation system (HF-902):
1. Digital frequency tracking system, ensuring uniform and precise operating frequency
2. No need for anesthetics or trauma, a fast and easy way to eliminate fat.
3. 7" LCD color touch screen, double-configuration for both face and body
4. Convenient and short-time treatment that will not affect normal work and study.
5. As a non-invasive surgery, it brings no pain or side-effect
6. Long-lasting effect

Applications of Cavitation system (HF-902) :
With high reliability and stability, this equipment is widely used in beauty parlors and beauty salons. It can intenerate hard fat, remove lipocyte and tighten skin up to lose weight and reshape body.

Technical Specifications of Cavitation system (HF-902) :
1. Display: 7" color touch screen
3. Handpiece:
handpiece1: Ф60 40KHZ <5W/CM²
handpiece2: Ф50 60KHZ <3.5W/CM²
4. Power supply: AC110V/3A/50HZ AC220V/1.5A/60HZ
5. Dimension: 45cm*35cm*41cm
6. Weight: 5kg

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