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CO2 Fractional Laser HF-803

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Treatment Range
1. Laser resurfacing
Start a skin micro-exfoliation treatment under fractional mode, and meantime, make collagen renewal through heat stimulation of fractional laser, and finally skin gets tender and more elasticity.
2. Wrinkle removal
Our CO2 Fractional Laser HF-803 can remove the wrinkles around mouth, eyes, forehead, etc.
3. Freckle removal
Our CO2 Fractional Laser HF-803 can also dilute various freckles like chloasma , freckles, coffee spots, age pigment and the actinic keratoses.
Remove skin neoplasms , Syringoma , sebaceous gland tumor, Becker nevus, and seborrheic keratosis
Clinical Applications
1. To improve skin texture, shrink pores, make the skin smooth and tender
2. To tighten face and neck, with the function of face-lift and enhancement.
3. To remove fine wrinkles around eyes and mouth.
4. To treat surgical and acne scars.
5. To whiten face and remove pigmentation.
System Features of CO2 Fractional Laser HF-803
1. Adopt revolutionary three-dimensional fractional laser technology for safe treatment and better result.
2. Adopt high-power and stable laser head for high output power.
3. Multi-fractional modes
4. Adopt HF adjustable rectangular pulse width control technology to precisely control pulse and strictly control heat transfer.
5. Personalized user interface design for screen to suit different customer needs.
6. Non-invasive treatment, faster recovery and safer treatment.

Technical Specifications of CO2 Fractional Laser HF-803
Laser Type: Sealed off CO2laser
Laser Wavelength: 10.6 micron
Laser Mode: Low-valance mode
Output Power: 0~30W, adjustable
Focus Spot Diameter: 0.4mm
Lens Focal Distance: F=100mm
Delivery System: Spring-balanced 7-joint Articulated arm
Working Modes: Continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse and super pulse
Pulse Duration: 1-500MS
Control Mode: 8 inch Color Touch Screen
Cooling System: Closed loop circulating water
Power Supply: ~230/V, 50/60Hz
Input Power: 450VA
Environment Temperature: 5~40C
Relative Humidity: <80%
Gross Weight (kg): 50KG
Scan Range: 20X20mm
Scan Graphics :

Scan Density: 0.5-4 dots / mm