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RF CO2 Fractional Laser, HF-807

Treatment Theory of the CO2 Fractional Laser
The HF-807 RF CO2 fractional laser is the latest laser-skin-resurface system using the RF CO2 super pulse fractional laser technology. It is equipped with a 10.4 inch big color touch screen and weights 55kg. With RF exciter, it changes the physical medium and emission mode of laser source. It generates tinier and more even energy dot to keep the treatment safe and effective for all skin types. With a minimum 120 micro meters dot, the beauty equipment goes deep into dermis and causes the minimal epidermal disruption. It exerts a quick recovery and fast treatment, only 10 minutes for the whole face, due to the big treatment area and high pulse energy. With air cooling instead of water cooling, the RF CO2 fractional laser avoids water-caused trouble and decrease the failure rate.

Characteristics and Treatment Range
During the treatment, the RF beauty equipment projects hundreds of evenly and orderly micro-level pulse laser beam on the treatment of skin area. The following photo-thermal effect and micro invasive effect then accelerates the re-growth of collagen, stimulating the cell's metabolism and starting up the cell's self-regeneration. As a result, the skin resurfaces again. The RF CO2 fractional laser is applied in a broad range of treatments including wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing, Acne scar removal, Scald and surgical scar recovery, pigmentation removal, photo-damage-skin recovery and melanotic nevus removal.

Specifications of the CO2 Fractional Laser
Item Parameter
Display 10.4 inch color touch screen
Laser Type RF laser tube imported from USA
Laser Wavelength 10.6 microns
Laser Mode super pulse RF laser
Input Power 800VA
Output Power 0~30W. adjustable
Laser Spot Diameter D=0.12mm
Spot Size 0.1mm-0.12mm
Spot Space 0.2mm-2mm
Working Modes continual pulse ,single pulse ,super pulse,repeat pulse ,magical pulse
Mono-pulse maximum pulse width 500MS
Input voltage AC110V/15A/60Hz ,AC220V/8A/50Hz
Net weight 55KG
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